FREE Interactive Revision Videos! Electricity (GCSE Physics) and Atomic Structure & Periodic Table (GCSE Chemistry)

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all having a restful and pleasant Easter break.

Here’s something to help everyone revise for their GCSE physics and chemistry exams!

These are the interactive replay videos for the revision webinars I held this week on the subjects of electricity in physics and atomic structure & periodic table in chemistry.  

The attendees who booked tickets for these events were able to participate live, and will continue to have revision support from me 24/7 until their exams are over (not to mention having access to a huge variety of additional resources for each of these webinars, including exam-style questions & mark schemes, revision notes, simulations, etc.).

However, those of you who didn’t book tickets can still use these videos to help you revise. 

You can use the bookmarks to skip to any point in either video (such as looking for segments in which I review specific ideas), and the little circles on the video timelines are where questions will pop up to test your understanding.

I’ll be uploading more interactive replay videos like these here each week, so watch this space for more videos!

I hope you all find them useful.  Good luck to you all in your revision!

Best wishes,

M. Ahmed

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