Upcoming GCSE & A-Level Revision Webinars

Worried about your science exams in May/June?

Aiming for a level 7 or above in Physics, Chemistry or Biology at GCSE or A/A* in A-Level Biology?

Following the success of last year’s revision webinars and the excellent feedback I received from students, I’ll be running a series of events this year starting in the second week of the Easter holiday.

This year’s revision webinars will be even more feature-packed, tailored and in-depth, covering GCSE physics, biology and chemistry as well as A-level biology topic-by-topic.  There will be more focus on exam technique, and access to exclusive revision resources!

If you’re interested, please read on…

The most revision webinars you'll find anywhere.

Covering GCSE Physics, Biology and Chemistry and AS/A2 Biology topic by topic, and preparing students to excel in their exams in May/June 2019.  Suitable for students of all major UK exam boards and specifications.

More interaction & Engagement
These webinars are truly unique in the level of interactivity they provide. We use simulations, modelling software and other tools which deliver learning experiences uncommon or impossible in a real classroom. Questions will "pop-up" on your screen, and you'll also be able to see how your answer compares with those given by all the attendees (anonymously, of course!). You'll ask questions, "up-vote" other students' questions, which are then answered in order of votes. All your revision resources and even your "replay" recording will also be interactive!
Webinars tailored to fit the exact audience!
When you book your seat, you can specify which aspects of that topic you find most challenging, and when you receive your exam questions pack, vote on which ones you felt least confident about. This all allows us to craft a revision webinar ahead of time to be much better tailored to the needs of the students attending, and not just yet another one-size-fits-all "lecture with Q&A at the end".
A deeper approach
GCSE & A-level science revision webinars usually aim to improve your "general exam skills, or "cover" revision for a specific exam paper. However, the time constraints of a single webinar and the high prices of tickets have prevented most students from getting truly comprehensive, in-depth revision of their whole course using online revision events... Until now! Our webinars each provide up to 2.5 hours of focus on a specific topic (e.g. forces in physics, or calculations in chemistry), representing enormous flexibility and value for the motivated student.
More than just a "replay video" afterwards!
Even the recording of the event you'll receive will interactive! When replaying the webinar recording, interactive questions will pop up to test your recall and understanding, making them so much more powerful as revision tools; you'll be actively engaged, not just passively watching! The recording video will also contain handy bookmarks so you can skip to specific ideas or skills without having to watch the whole thing or manually seek for them.
Check out an example from last year
Keep everything... including your teacher!
After the webinar ends, you'll be able to continue to ask questions about the topics covered through a private chat and comments page, where your teacher will provide ongoing answers and advice on all the ideas and topics covered in the webinar. Not only do you get access to the most unique, advanced, and powerful revision resources, but you also get to keep your teacher to support your revision all the way up to your exams!
So much more for so much LESS!
You may have noticed that most GCSE & A-Level revision webinars don't come cheap, and we believe ours to be superior in so many ways! Despite providing so much value, our webinars will always be much more affordable. This is because we believe in making access to next-generation online education within the reach of as many students as possible, not just the more affluent ones. You could book a seat for all our webinars covering a full GCSE or A-Level subject at a lower cost than the price of a SINGLE webinar from some other providers!
  • After booking tickets & registration (prior to the event): Students will receive a pack of exam style questions to try at home before the event (to be covered during the webinar).  Attendees also receive access to a a private attendees-only page on the website.  Here they will be able to vote for which topics to be covered by the webinar they find most challenging, and which of the exam style questions they found most difficult.  This will allow the teacher to more precisely plan and structure the webinar to meet the needs of students.  This private page will also be useful to students after the event (see below).
  • First 5 mins of the webinar: Sound check and introduction, overview of what will be covered and outcomes of attendee pre-webinar polls (to determine which ideas, skills and exam questions will be covered in order of votes)
  • Next 55 minutes: In-depth teaching to revise the specific webinar topic.  Your teacher will use slides, animations and simulations, together with interactive “pop-up” questions and live polling to cover the key ideas and subject knowledge of the webinar topic.  Detailed explanations will be given for all “pop-up” questions.  Students will be able to post their own questions throughout,  and “up-vote” the questions asked by other students (to be addressed by the teacher during the Q&A session).  Your teacher will also focus on exam skills relating to the webinar topic;  we will review the exam questions students received in their webinar pack to highlight key exam techniques and pitfalls to avoid in such exam questions, and how to maximise marks.  Students can continue to ask questions and “up-vote” the questions asked by others (to be addressed by the teacher during the Q&A session).
  • 5 minute break.
  • Next 55 minutes: Detailed teaching of subject content continues (as described above).
  • Option for extension: Students will be able to vote for whether the teacher should continue the webinar for up to an extra 30 mins if they would like the teacher to go on with the subject teaching further.
  • 5 minute break.
  • Last 30 minutes: In-depth Q&A session where teacher will address the questions posed by students throughout the webinar (in order of votes by whole student audience).
  • After the webinar: Full mark schemes for all exam style questions, the interactive webinar recording and whiteboard notes, together with other resources (such as interactive quizzes) will be available within  48 hours of the end of the webinar at the private, attendees only web page.  Students can continue to ask questions using the live chat and comments functions on this page so that their teacher can continue to support their revision of the webinar topic all the way up to their final examinations!
Please note that the above format/structure does not apply to our FREE “Taster” webinars;  these are 1 hour sessions which cover randomly selected topics from a full science subject for 35-40 minutes with a 15-20 minute Q&A session. 
Free “taster” sessions are intended to give our clients a sense of the interactivity and format of the full revision webinars, but do not offer the personalisation, revision/study resources (exam questions, quizzes, replay video etc.), access to private resource pages or ongoing access to your teacher.
  • Attendance requires at minimum an internet connected device with a web browser (Google Chrome is recommended), however for the best user experience  we recommend downloading and installing  the free “Zoom” application on your device. 
  • Attendees can access the webinar on any desktop/laptop computer, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection, whether using just an internet browser or by installing the Zoom application on their device.  However, for the best possible user experience we recommend students use a desktop or laptop computer with a wired (ethernet) connection, and preferably a broadband internet connection.
  • Purchasing a ticket will reserve this time-slot for the student in our virtual classroom.  You will receive a confirmation email from us which will contain a registration link.  
  • The student must register for this session at that link to verify their identity and complete the booking process.  Please do this as early as possible;  you simply need to click the registration link and fill in some details.
  • After registering for the lesson, the student will be automatically sent a final email containing your unique webinar link;  at the time and date for the event, simply click your unique webinar link, and you will be taken to the webinar.  You will have  the option of attending the webinar via your web browser or via the Zoom application.
  • If you plan to attend via your web browser, we recommend using Google Chrome.
  • For the very best experience possible, we recommend installing the free Zoom application in advance of the webinar on your device, and making sure you have tested your microphone and webcam prior to the event.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us on 0800 999 1337 or by email at [email protected]
  • Please do not share your registration link  or unique webinar link with anyone else;  doing so violates our terms of use, and will result in forfeiture of all access without refund.
  • Please take the time to familiarise yourself with our student community rules, terms & conditions (see links at foot of this page).  We expect our students to behave in an appropriate and civil manner towards others, and have a zero-tolerance approach to inappropriate behaviour on the website or during webinars.  Such behaviour or actions will result in an immediate and permanent ban of the offending user(s) without refund.
  • Please also ensure that your internet connection, devices and software are working properly prior to the event to ensure that you can access the event.  We do not take responsibility for attendees’ software and/or hardware configuration, and accept no liability for attendees being unable to attend due to issues relating to their software and/or hardware configuration. 
  • Should you wish to cancel your reservation of a seat booked for a specific webinar, please do so giving at least 1 week’s notice for a full refund.  In the event that you cancel giving less than 1 week notice, please be advised that your ticket price includes a 30% non-refundable booking fee.  Refunds take up to two working weeks to process depending on method of payment, card issuer, etc.
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