Next week’s lessons

Hi everyone,

I just updated the live teaching events calendar with lesson titles and learning objectives for all of the live virtual lessons are be teaching next week between Monday to Wednesday for GCSE and AS/A2 students of physics, chemistry and biology.

I’ve highlighted these lessons in blue on the live teaching events calendar for next week.

Students at Acland Burghley school and LaSWAP can book tickets and attend these virtual lessons free of charge using coupon codes which I’ll send out to them by email shortly.

Next week sessions will all be done in the fully interactive meeting format, where any users who would like to enable their web cam and microphone will be able to be seen and heard by all other users. You can also attend without using microphone and web cam if you wish.

If you wish to fully interact in the virtual classroom by using your web cam and microphone please ensure that you are properly prepared for your lesson before it begins:

  • A webcam (so you can be seen by your teacher and other students)
  • A microphone (so you can be heard by other students)
  • Headphones (so you can hear your teacher and other students, and also because if you listen to the audio of this event through speakers you will cause feedback!  Please use headphones or DO NOT ATTEND!)
  • A quiet place to work for an hour, where anyone else who may come in knows you are not to be disturbed.  Your work area must have good lighting, but don’t sit with your back to window (you’ll appear as a silhouette to everyone else).
  • Preferably a fast broadband connection – the virtual classrooms display in HD, so the faster your internet connection is the better the quality of audio and video you’ll get
  • A desktop or laptop computer is best, but you can use a tablet or smartphone too
  • Make sure your device doesn’t have any documents or images open or on the desktop which you don’t want others to see or violates our terms of service and student community rules; use your common sense please.  You may be sharing your screen with the class at any time, so make sure both your physical environment and your device are free of anything private or inappropriate.

Please respect others, follow the student community rules and enjoy your lesson.  Any inappropriate behaviour will lead to immediate ban and expulsion of that student from all future Invisible College services and events.

Please ensure that you book your tickets at least 24 hours in advance to give me time to send you the registration link to allow you to register and receive your unique link and password to join the session. If you book your ticket any less than 24 hours in advance of the session you wish to attend you may not receive your unique link and password in time to attend the meeting!

Finally, there are InvisiCoin rewards for attending next weeks lessons:

  • 20IC for each session you attend as a ’view only’ participant (no webcam or mic),
  • 40IC for each session you attend where you enable only your mic (no webcam),
  • 80 IC for each session you attend where you participate in audio/video using your webcam and mic.

I hope to see you all in the virtual classrooms!

M. Ahmed

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