New revision resources for ABS students

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since I updated you all here, because I’ve been hard at work creating some new unique resources for you all on the website.

These include four new interactive courses which cover the whole content of advanced level biology, GCSE physics, GCSE chemistry, and GCSE biology.

While these courses are under construction, I’ve given exclusive access to these courses to GCSE and advanced level students attending Acland Burghley school and the LaSWAP consortium of schools; when the courses are complete these courses will be published and made available to private students.

These courses include my new advanced quizzes – these quizzes employ advanced machine learning algorithms hosted on external server neural network which actively analyse student learning behaviours on the website as well as performance on previous quizzes to decide which questions each student is presented with on successive attempts at each quiz, in effect learning how each student learns to better tailor their experience of the interactive activities on the website and accelerate their learning.

These advanced quizzes also contain detailed feedback and explanations on each question to aid students in their learning and revision.

I believe these advanced quizzes are the most detailed, rigorous and powerful study/revision resources found anywhere online for GCSE and advanced level science students, and over the course of this academic year I’m aiming to complete all of the necessary quizzes and other interactive content to fully cover all three sciences at GCSE and biology at advanced level. I’m going to try to cover advanced level chemistry and physics during the the next academic year.

So far, the following lessons in the following courses contain both these advanced self marking and self differentiating quizzes, as well as other interactive and unique learning resources:

Make sure you are logged in before clicking these links so that you can easily navigate to the resources and quizzes.

I will update you all here on a weekly basis to let you know about new resources available in new lessons.

I will also create a demo page shortly containing some demo quizzes for students who do not have access to these courses, to give prospective students an idea of what to expect when these courses are complete by the end of this academic year.

Best wishes,

M. Ahmed

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