Instructions for accessing our virtual classrooms

Our virtual classrooms are where you can access and participate in the following types of live online teaching events:

  • one-to-one private tuition
  • group private tuition (up to 15 students per session)
  • scheduled live lessons for students enrolled on our full GCSE or AS/A2-level Programmes of Study (up to 100 students)

These events can be found on our Live Teaching Events calendar.

Once you have reserved a seat for any live teaching event by purchasing a ticket, you will immediately receive an email to confirm your booking.

You will receive a second email from us with the link URL and password you’ll need to attend your event no less than 48 hours prior to the time the event is scheduled to start.

You can access our virtual classroom from any device which has access to the internet.  

You’ll need to download and install a free application to access the virtual classroom.  Please ensure that you do this before the online teaching event takes place, although clicking the link URL which we send to you will also take you through the steps necessary to download and install the application.

You can download and install this application from the links below:

Download for desktop/laptop (browser plugin)

Download for Android mobile devices (tablet/smartphone)

Download for Apple mobile devices (tablet/smartphone)

If you are a student enrolled on one of our full Programmes of Study, the recordings of each live teaching event you attend will be made available to you in your Private Coaching Area, together with all the electronic resources from that session (powerpoint, worksheets, notes, etc).

If you need to contact us regarding a booking, please email us at [email protected]

If you have software issues with accessing/using our site, online learning products or virtual classrooms, please email us at: [email protected]