Private online tuition that's more in-depth focussed rigorous personalised engaging memorable effective convenient
Real teaching with a real teacher
Why trust online "tutors" who often are not fully qualified teachers? Most online tutors are undergradute/postgraduate students who have no formal teaching qualifications, may not be enhanced-CRB checked, have no real teaching experience and little understanding of exam board specifications. Learn from a highly qualified and experienced subject specialist UK teacher, with over two decades of real teaching experience and an exemplary record of securing the highest student attainment in real schools and colleges.
Deeply personalised learning
Specify your exact requirements for your tuition session during the booking process, to allow your teacher to personalise the planning, resources, and teaching activities to the student's exact needs. Each lesson is uniquely crafted for each individual learner to maximise specificity, engagement, understanding, progress and retention; no waffling, no filler, no "winging it", just a highly tailored, focussed and effective learning experience every time.
It's just like being there!
We use state of the art online conferencing to enable teachers and students to interact with each other in real-time from anywhere, on any device. Students and teachers see & hear each other in high definition over a secure encrypted connection. Students are fully immersed in interactive learning tasks, as the teacher gives them control to use simulations, software, whiteboards, and many other resources, including virtual science experiments which would be impossible to perform in the real classroom!
Retain it all, forget nothing
Unlike ordinary "face-to-face" or "offline" tuition, students don't have to rely on their memory and written notes to retain everything they experienced and learned during the session. After our tuition sessions, students receive a link to the recording of the session and also any downloadable resources (such as worksheets, notes, virtual experiments and simulations, PowerPoint, etc.) which they can use for revision again and again.
Complete transparency, ongoing dialogue
Access to full recordings of each session assures parents/carers a level of transparency and confidence which is unavailable in ordinary "face-to-face" tuition. This gives parents/carers more insight into their child's progress, and allows them to become more involved in shaping their child's teaching.
Detailed feedback, highly targeted homework
Students and parents/carers receive highly detailed feedback after each session (and on request) to highlight specific strengths and weaknesses in knowledge, skills and attitudes, together with highly specific recommendations on how to improve. This is supplemented with deeply personalised homework tasks which are expertly designed to maximise the learner's progress, ensuring a continuous cycle of work, feedback and improvement that facilitates students to reach their full academic potential.
Powerful & unique
In addition to expert one-to-one teaching, students are engaged with powerful learning activities designed through a unique application of game theory to science education and state of the art machine-learning algorithms. Regular private tutees receive access to exclusive "homework" resources tailored to their exact requirements and learning style, including advanced interactive assessments and interactive videos, testing understanding, providing tailored challenge and detailed feedback to meaningfully accelerate learning.
Convenience, reliability, privacy & comfort
No more travelling to/from sessions for students or teachers; save time, hassle, and expense. You're no longer at the mercy of transport, which can often cause delays or (worse) missed sessions. No need to dress up or prepare a room at home before a session; you can study and learn in complete comfort and privacy anywhere you like with just an internet connection, and can choose whether to be seen and/or heard by your teacher. Online tuition even makes it easier to receive tuition on those occasions when you're feeling a bit under the weather!

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Instructions, Terms and Conditions

To participate in our online tuition, students will need a microphone and webcam (some webcams come with an integrated microphone). 

These are only required for private (one-to-one) tuition or group tuition sessions; revision webinars do not require that students have these.

A graphics tablet is useful but not essential for students.

Students will need to download and install a free online conferencing application called Zoom on the device they wish to use to to access the lessons.  

You can download and install this application from the links below:

Download for desktop/laptop (browser plugin)

Download for Android mobile devices (tablet/smartphone)

Download for Apple mobile devices (tablet/smartphone)

Please ensure you have fully tested your microphone and webcam in the Zoom application in good time before the start of any lesson.

While you can install Zoom on any laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone, we recommend using a desktop or laptop computer, preferably with a wired (ethernet) internet connection for the best user experience.  

When you order a tuition package deal, you will be sent an email receipt containing your unique certificate code.  The receipt will also contain a link from which you can print out the gift certificate for the package, or email the gift certificate to someone else for them to use.

Your unique certificate code can then be used to book lessons with no further charge, up to the maximum number of lessons offered in the package.

Booking lessons using a certificate code from a package deal is done in a similar way as for booking single lessons.  On the booking page (above):

  • Step 1 – Click private online tuition (one-to-one), and choose a time slot you want.  After clicking on that time slot, click “Add a time…” to book another slot (repeating this as many times as you want to book all the slots you need) or click “Continue” when you’ve booked all the slots you want.
  • Step 2 – Enter your personal information, then click the “Redeem Package” button, then enter your certificate code and click “Apply“.  You will also be shown how many lessons you have left on your package at this stage.  Finally click “Complete Appointment“.
  • Step 3 – You will now be taken to a confirmation page, and your booking is now complete!

If you wish to cancel or reschedule a lesson, you must do so a minimum of 24 hours before the start time of your lesson (for a full refund in the case of cancellation); you can cancel or reschedule your lesson using the link in the email you receive confirming your booking.

If you wish to cancel your purchase of any gift certificate (package deal), you must do so within 14 days of purchase for a full refund (provided you have not used the gift certificate to book any tuition sessions). If a tuition gift certificate (package deal) has been partially used you will receive a partial refund equal to the price of the package minus the used up lessons each charged at the full (non-discounted) individual hourly rate. 

We go to great lengths to prepare thoroughly for each lesson and to be available to teach from the moment the lesson is scheduled to start, and we expect our clients to do the same.  Failure to attend a booked session without cancelling or rescheduling as required above will result in forfeiture of your booking fee. 

The teacher will wait for the student for up to 15 minutes after the scheduled start time, but if after that the student still has not attended the lesson, the lesson will be cancelled and the booking fee will be forfeit.  The student will still be given access to the resources which the teacher had prepared for the lesson.

We will not accept responsibility for students being unable to access teaching events due to technical issues with the student’s devices or internet connection, so please ensure that you test these beforehand to ensure they are working suitably.

On rare occasions the lesson may be disrupted or postponed due to technical issues with the Zoom network or other unavoidable occurrences; this is extremely rare, but in such cases the student will be offered either a full refund or the ability to reschedule the lesson to another time convenient to them.

By placing an order for any online tuition sessions or package deals, you affirm that you have understood and agree to the above terms and conditions.

If you have any further questions regarding online tuition, please email us at or call us on 0800 999 1337 (freephone from UK landlines, mobile network charges may apply).

If you have software issues with accessing/using our site, online learning products or virtual classrooms, please email us at: or call us on 0800 999 1337 (freephone from UK landlines, mobile network charges may apply).

About your teacher...

I’ve been teaching mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology in the UK for over 20 years, and I’ve been a full time teacher of GCSE and A-Level physics, biology and chemistry in UK schools and further education institutions for 14 years.  

During the course of my teaching career I have built a proven record of facilitating excellent academic attainment in all three sciences at key stages 4 and 5 as a classroom teacher, together with experience in designing, implementing and managing the whole science curriculum and its delivery for a large science department as its ‘subject leader’.  I currently teach at a school in Camden, London.

My academic background includes bachelors degrees in medical science and medicinal chemistry, a postgraduate certificate in secondary education and a masters degree in science education.

In recent years as a teacher and tutor, I’ve become very interested in the potential for new strategies and technologies for  e-learning and online teaching in my subject areas.  My strength as a teacher has always been in stretching and challenging the most able and/or motivated students, and I wanted to explore the potential to leverage my teaching experience and the latest e-learning strategies to support such students to excel without being restricted by the limitations of school curricula, conventional teaching methods or the physical classroom.

Consequently, I’ve created this website to explore the potential for e-learning in science, offering both my services as an online teacher/tutor as well as interactive online courses which cover the full scope of GCSE and Advanced Level Physics, Biology and Chemistry. 

M. Ahmed