December Update

Hi everyone.

As many of you know, I’ve postponed many of the scheduled live lessons over the last few weeks due to having to attend physiotherapy sessions for a back injury.

However, I’ve been hard at work publishing many new course modules, most of which are for Advanced Level Biology but also many for GCSE physics, biology and chemistry. 

All the interactive course modules now have the lesson PowerPoint slides on the pages for each lesson, for you to use as revision resources.  You can also download the lesson PowerPoints to use offline.

I’ve started to include many homework assignments and interactive quizzes for the lessons in the interactive course modules.

For example, the module on Advanced Level Cell Biology now has interactive quizzes and homework assignments for all its lessons, as well as a challenging 80 minute end-of-course exam!

I’ll be adding more interactive quizzes, homework assignments, and lesson videos to all the published course modules over the the holidays, so by January all the lessons will have lesson videos as well.

Please do leave comments and suggestions, which are always welcome.

I’ll also update the calendar with the upcoming scheduled lessons from the beginning of next term.

Have a wonderful winter break everyone, and please check back for new content as I add to the site over the coming weeks of the holiday season.

Best wishes,

M. Ahmed

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