Products & Services

Interactive Course Modules

Interactive e-learning courses to cover specific topics in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Suitable for ALL UK exam boards, and designed to offer the deepest, most engaging and rigorous teaching and learning resources available online for GCSE, iGCSE and Advanced Level students.

Our teaching is designed to stretch and challenge the most motivated students, and we have a unique Rewards System for our students which provides tangible incentives to work hard , learn more deeply and help other students learn.

Each course contains a sequence of interactive lessons, with in-depth teaching videos, lesson notes, dozens of real exam questions with mark schemes and examiners’ reports, virtual science experiments and interactive end-of-lesson and end-of-course assessments.

You can track your progress and you’ll get feedback on each assessment to inform you of what went well, what you could do better and how to improve.

You’ll have your own Private Coaching area for each course where you can have 24/7 access to your teacher, who will provide personalised tasks and feedback as well as support with any questions you have on the topic of the course.

Programmes of Study

Our full Programmes of Study give you access to ALL of the interactive Course Modules required to thoroughly cover the topics in Physics, Chemistry or Biology at GCSE or Advanced Level, at a significant discount compared to purchasing the course modules separately.

Live Online Classes & Private Tuition

Book private online tuition in our virtual classroom with a highly qualified and experienced teacher!

Our virtual classroom runs seamlessly on all devices and is powered by industry-leading live video-conferencing infrastructure.

Our live teaching platform allows teachers and students to communicate and interact in full HD audio/video, simulating all the ways in which teaching and learning take place effectively in a real classroom without any of the drawbacks, annoyances or distractions.

Learn in comfort and complete security anywhere from any device with an internet browser, and receive the very highest standard of personalised academic tuition in Physics, Chemistry or Biology, tailored to your exact needs.

After your session, you’ll be given access to a permanent recording of the session for your revision, as well as all the teaching resources used in that session, including worksheets, whiteboard notes, virtual experiment files, lesson powerpoint, etc.