Example webinar replay video

GCSE Physics - Atomic Structure Webinar (Replay)

This webinar was a live event held last year (May/June 2018 exam period) for students revising for AQA GCSE Physics exams.  

You can navigate to various sections of the video using the bookmarks to find specific ideas explained.  The small dots on the video timeline are where questions will pop up to test your understanding at various points in the video. 

This year’s webinars will be more interactive, more tailored to the needs of attendees, even more in-depth, and will have more focus on exam questions!

Attendees will also receive more resources, all accessible on their private resources page after each live webinar event is concluded.   These resources include exam questions with mark schemesslides and whiteboard notes used in the webinar, ongoing access to their teacher, and an interactive replay video like this one!