Coming Soon – Interactive Videos!

Hi everyone,

I hope your exams went well, and you’re all looking forward to your summer break.

Over the summer holiday I’ll be making some major improvements to the website.  One such update will be to start converting all the teaching videos from being ordinary videos (such as those found on YouTube) to being fully interactive videos, containing embedded quiz questions and other interactive content!

To get a sense of what’s in store, I’ve updated the video of one of the recent GCSE Physics revision webinars to contain bookmarks and interactive questions of various kinds, with a summary page at the end so you can see how you’ve done after watching the video and completing all the exercises embedded in it.  

Check it out below:

From September, all the teaching videos on Invisible College will be interactive (and I’ll be updating the existing teaching videos to make them interactive too).

I’ll also be updating you here shortly with a number of other upcoming features, content and upgrades I’ll be making to the website shortly, so watch this space!

Best wishes,

M. Ahmed

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