Welcome to Invisible College!

I started Invisible College in early 2017; it’s a ‘labour of love’ as a lifelong student of the physical sciences and an educator.

This project represents my attempt to free students from the distractions and limitations of the physical classroom and conventional curricula, and to develop new ways to optimise student engagement using the latest educational methods and technologies.

My objective with the Invisible College project is to build the most interactive, scientifically rigorous, effective and engaging e-learning platform available anywhere online for students of Physics, Chemistry and Biology at GCSE and Advanced Level.

At this stage, I’m starting by offering my scheduled teaching to my current ‘brick and mortar’ students, and private workshops and one-to-one tuition is also available.  I’m also building interactive Course Modules (such as the one here) which will eventually cover all topics for physics, biology and chemistry at GCSE and A-Level.

I’m also looking to work with teachers and educators in other academic subjects to offer the same live teaching services for other subjects, but for the next 1-2 years the infrastructure and interactive learning content will be focused on as priorities for the project. 

As such, I’m looking forward to working with parents, students, teachers or anyone interested in the new directions education is heading in to develop the site, and until it is what I would consider a ‘finished product’ I will continue to offer free teaching and heavily discounted products and services to early subscribers.

I have over two decades of experience as a classroom teacher, private academic tutor, and middle-leader in outstanding educational institutions in the UK, during which I’ve taught all three sciences to undergraduate level. Over the course of my teaching career I’ve built a proven track record of outstanding academic provision, student progress and attainment.

My academic background includes undergraduate degrees in Medical Science, Medicinal Chemistry and Mathematics (with a focus on game theory), a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in Science, and a Masters degree in Science Education at the University of Bristol and University College London.

Invisible College is being built from the ground up using the latest and most powerful online learning technologies and educational methods available. My aim is to make effective study of science online comfortable, fully interactive, pleasurable and engaging. for students.  

At this early stage, Invisible College is still a ‘work in progress’, so I’m giving unique benefits and discounts to early subscribers, because it’s YOUR experience and feedback during the development phase of this project that will be crucial in my shaping and optimising the finished product.

Subscribe, and let’s build deeper science learning together!

Best wishes all,