Building online science learning

Welcome to Invisible College!

Please note that this website is still in development

Welcome to Invisible College! 

The aim of this website is to provide the most interactive, scientifically rigorous, effective and engaging online learning platform available for GCSE and Advanced Level students of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Invisible College is being built from the ground up to provide the most in-depth and interactive online teaching and learning resource for students of physics, chemistry and biology at GCSE and Advanced Level.

The online tuition, interactive course modules and other teaching and learning at Invisible College are specifically designed to stretch scientific understanding, and provide meaningful challenge and personalised teaching for the motivated science student, using the latest and most powerful online learning technologies and educational methods.  

Invisible College is particularly suitable for:

  • Parents or students interested in the convenience, transparency and unique potential for effective online education, with no upper limit placed on their progress by the National Curriculum.
  • Parents or students who are seeking private, one-to-one online academic tuition by a fully qualified, experienced teacher.
  • Parents who are looking for additional academic resources and coaching to support their children’s current school or college education
  • Students who are particularly motivated and/or able, and have target grades of grade 7 or above at GCSE and A/A* at Advanced Level for Physics, Chemistry or Biology
  • Students aiming for entry into highly competitive Further/Higher Education courses at prestigious Colleges/Universities.
  • Parents of students who feel their current school or college education doesn’t provide enough challenge for them to attain their full academic potential in the sciences
  • Students looking for a way to learn in an entirely new, engaging and innovative way which goes beyond the teaching they currently receive in its depth and scientific rigour.

The teaching at Invisible College is geared specifically to take students to a level of scientific proficiency which exceeds that required to attain grade 9 at GCSE and A* at Advanced Level.  

Every aspect of the curriculum design, interactive content, and teaching here is designed to guide the student through a deeply personalised learning experience, through which they progress from knowing their subject to understanding their subject.  My goal is to engage the student to achieve deeper science learning, giving them complete confidence in their ability to excel in their academic attainment with ease.