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Welcome to Invisible College!

Please note that the site is still in development

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Welcome to Invisible College! 

The aim of this website is to provide the most interactive, scientifically rigorous, effective and engaging online learning platform available for GCSE and Advanced Level students of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Invisible College is being built from the ground up to provide outstanding ‘stretch and challenge’ for the motivated science student, using the latest and most powerful online learning technologies and educational methods.  

Invisible College is particularly suitable for:

  • Parents who are home-schooling, seeking private academic tuition, or are looking for additional academic resources and coaching to support their children’s current school or college education
  • Students who are particularly motivated and/or able, and have target grades of grade 9 at GCSE and grade A* at Advanced Level for Physics, Chemistry or Biology
  • Students aiming for entry into highly competitive Further/Higher Education courses at prestigious Colleges/Universities.
  • Parents or students who feel their current school or college education doesn’t stretch and challenge them enough to attain their full academic potential in the sciences
  • Parents or students looking for a way to learn in an entirely new, engaging and innovative way which goes beyond the teaching they currently receive through the ‘brick and mortar’ school system in its depth and scientific rigour.

The teaching at Invisible College is geared specifically to take students to a level of scientific proficiency which exceeds that required to attain grade 9 at GCSE and A* at Advanced Level.  

Every aspect of the curriculum design, interactive content, and teaching here is designed to guide the student through a deeply personalised learning experience, through which they progress from knowing their subject to understanding their subject.  My goal is to engage the student to achieve deeper science learning, giving them complete confidence in their ability to excel in their academic attainment with ease.

Invisible College incorporates innovative and groundbreaking ways of engaging and enthusing students, rewarding them for working harder, learning more and helping each other learn via our unique Social Network.   

I aim to make the student’s experience of learning their subject feel more like playing a game than studying, and the unique InvisiCoin rewards system gives exciting and tangible benefits for greater effort, cooperation and attainment by students. 

Powerful Learning-Oriented Social Networking
Enrolled students have access to a unique, feature-rich Social Network designed to facilitate student engagement and interaction. Students can communicate via their own activity feed, make friends and collaborate on their work with other students, share resources, post articles and content, send messages and broadcasts, comment and contribute to accelerate their own learning and that of other students. The Invisible College social networking platform rewards students for collaborative learning and positive social and learning behaviours through our unique InvisiCoin rewards system.
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Unique Rewards System; introducing InvisiCoin!
The harder the student works, and the higher grades they attain in our assessments and tasks, the more InvisiCoins are awarded. Students are also rewarded for interacting with each other in our Forums and on our Social Network; the more they work collaboratively, and the more they contribute positively in helping others learn, the more InvisiCoins they accumulate. However, InvisiCoins are deducted for any inappropriate or negative use of our Social Network. Yearly compound interest of 2% is offered on InvisiCoins, and students can use the InvisiCoins they earn to pay for Private Tuition and Private Workshop tickets!
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Course Modules with Private Coaching (coming soon)
You're given your own Private Coaching Area for each Course Module, where you'll have 24/7 academic coaching for that topic from your own dedicated teacher. In your Private Coaching area, your teacher will answer any of your questions relating to the course's content, and guide you through each Course Module, providing you with regular personalised tasks, learning resources and feedback.
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While the website is still in development, I’d like parents, students and teachers to be involved in how I design and build this e-learning platform to meet their standards and create something truly exceptional;  please subscribe to my email Newsletter to get involved, and I’ll keep you up to date.

At this early development stage, Invisible College is still a ‘work in progress’, so I’m giving unique benefits and discounts to early subscribers, members and students!

I look forward to working with you!

Best wishes,

M. Ahmed

About your teacher...

I’ve been teaching mathematics and science in the UK for over 20 years, and I’ve been a full time teacher of GCSE and A-Level physics, biology and chemistry in UK schools and further education institutions for 14 years.  

During the course of my teaching career I have built a proven record of facilitating excellent academic attainment in all three sciences at key stages 4 and 5 as a classroom teacher, together with experience in designing, implementing and managing the whole science curriculum and its delivery for a large science department as its ‘subject leader’.  I currently teach at a school in Camden, London.

My academic background includes bachelors degrees in medical science and medicinal chemistry, a postgraduate certificate in secondary education and a masters degree in science education.

In recent years as a teacher and tutor, I’ve become very interested in the potential for new strategies and technologies for  e-learning and online teaching in my subject areas.  My strength as a teacher has always been in stretching and challenging the most able and/or motivated students, and I wanted to explore the potential to leverage my teaching experience and the latest e-learning strategies to support such students to excel without being restricted by the limitations of school curricula, conventional teaching methods or the physical classroom.

Consequently, I’ve created this website to explore the potential for e-learning in science, offering both my services as an online teacher/tutor as well as interactive online courses which cover the full scope of GCSE and Advanced Level Physics, Biology and Chemistry. 

I look forward to working with students, parents, and teachers to develop the truly exceptional online educational provision in the sciences.

Best wishes,

M. Ahmed