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Even if school/college teaching is letting you down, revision is a struggle, and thoughts of exams or teacher-assessed grades have you laying awake at night.

No more overwhelm.  No more worry.  

Accelerate your progress.  Maximise your results.

Interactive Self-Study Courses

The most comprehensive and powerful learning & revision aids you'll find anywhere for motivated GCSE/A-Level students.

Ideal for students who aim for grades 7-9 at GCSE and A/A* at A-Level.

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Interactive Courses With Private Coaching

All the features of our interactive self-study courses PLUS:

24/7 access to an experienced teacher, and personalised learning tasks & feedback for each topic in your course.

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Exam Prep & Revision Webinars

Yearly online revision events prior to exam periods designed to review entire topics in-depth, with specific focus on exam technique.

Attendees gain access to exclusive revision resources.

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Are you motivated? Do you have the highest expectations? Are you ready to be challenged? If so, you're in the right place.

You bring the effort, and I’ll guide you through a unique learning experience which will enable you to…

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Meet your teacher


I’m the creator of this website and all the content within, and I’ll be your teacher if you choose to study here at Invisible College.  I’ll be the one to lead you on your journey from where you are now to where you want to be at the next level of your science education. 

You might be wondering, who am I to lead you on this journey?  Let me answer by starting with the boring (but necessary) details about my credentials, and then we’ll get to the REALLY important stuff.

My background includes two bachelor’s degrees in medical science and medicinal chemistry, a postgraduate certificate in secondary education, and a master’s degree in science education.  I’ve been teaching GCSE and A-Level mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology full-time in UK schools and colleges, with a total of over 20 years of experience as a private academic tutor and classroom teacher.  

In my teaching career I’ve built a record of facilitating excellent academic attainment in all three sciences at GCSE and A-level, and I’ve also designed, implemented and managed the whole science curriculum as the Subject Leader for a school graded by Ofsted as “Outstanding”.  I’ve also worked as an examiner for all the major exam boards in the UK, gaining invaluable experience of how students are assessed for their qualifications.

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Why I do what I do

So that’s my “on-paper” credentials, but as far as I’m concerned that’s less important than WHY I do what I do.

I’ve been fascinated by science and maths for as long as I can remember, and few experiences in my life have been as fulfilling as conveying to my students the sense of awe, wonder and empowerment which comes with learning about and understanding how our universe works.  It’s my students’ sense of surprise at the beauty and mystery inherent in these subjects, and those “Ah ha!” moments when students gain true understanding and feel the power of the ideas, see the speed of their progress, marvel at the results they achieve, and revel in their improved future prospects which bring me such fulfilment and joy.

It’s why I became a teacher in the first place, but despite all of these things, several years ago I started to get a nagging, growing feeling that there were aspects of how sciences are taught in the physical classroom that could be massively improved and augmented with online technologies, and many aspects of education which could easily be achieved online but which would be difficult or impossible in a physical classroom.

I started to voraciously research and learn everything I could about e-learning.   I spent every available moment learning to build websites and online courses, and to apply machine learning and AI to analyse student data and adapt my teaching methods to an online teaching model, with the ultimate goal of building a platform and content which would allow me to take my teaching and my students’ knowledge, skills and future prospects to the next level.

And here we are, nearly five years later.  As of this year (2021) I’ve now spent over twelve thousand hours developing this website and my online courses.  This has truly been a labour of love.  I created Invisible College to free my teaching from the limitations of the physical classroom and the education system.  My goal was also to provide a place where the motivated student can find all they need to achieve their potential, and experience a truly personalised learning journey where their destination is only limited by how much effort they invest in the journey, not by their teachers, their school, or the politics of the education system.  While I still have much more to add to what I’ve already built, I’ve nonetheless already created content and functionality for online learners the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else. 

I’ve now trialled my courses in their various versions with hundreds of real students, and have seen their journey from “horror show” to “happy ending” again and again.  It’s that same journey I want to help you confidently traverse in the coming weeks and months, and I’m confident that we can work together to make that happen.  You bring the motivation and the work, and I’ll not only show you the roadmap to exceeding your goals – I’ll be with you every step of the way down that road and provide you with everything you need to get there.

Here's what my previous clients say...

Online courses with game-changing features​

The courses at Invisible College contain the most comprehensive, interactive and engaging learning resources available anywhere online for GCSE and A-level science students.  Check out their current features (and the features that are in development) below: 

Current Features

Features Coming Soon!

The most in-depth INTERACTIVE teaching videos anywhere!

Each lesson contains a high quality teaching video, covering in extensive detail the concepts, processes & principles of each topic. These are no ordinary teaching videos - they're embedded with a rich variety of interactive questions which pop up at various times to test understanding, as well as links to other related content and more!

Maximum stretch & challenge

These teaching videos are painstakingly designed to provide the challenge, breadth & depth required to attain grade 9 at GCSE and A* at A-level, and to provide a solid foundation for the next level of students' education. There's NOTHING like these anywhere else; truly unique, fully interactive resources with which students can ACTIVELY engage; videos which ask you questions and assess your understanding of each concept covered!

Unique teaching & learning model

Designed using years of classroom experience, learning and attainment data from real students, and a unique application of game theory, cognitive neuroscience, machine learning and AI to optimise teaching and learning.

REAL next-generation e-learning

Evidence-based teaching methods combined with breakthrough technologies lie at the heart of every aspect of the design and delivery of course content on this website. Hundreds of students have completely blown their 'predicted' and 'target' grades out of the water by working through these courses, and the option of studying with additional private tuition has enabled these students to progress faster than their wildest expectations!

I don't teach to the lowest common denominator!

Unlike other course providers, my content isn't for students who just want to "pass"; my courses are specifically designed for those aiming for the HIGHEST grades.

Why settle for a "pass"?

Other online course providers will often proudly boast that they guarantee a "pass" - but a "pass" means a minimum of grade 4 at GCSE or E at A-level! I can, have, and WILL facilitate the achievement of the HIGHEST grades for any motivated student!
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Clear course structure and targets, with detailed tracking of progress

Clear and exhaustive checklist of learning outcomes for each lesson geared towards attainment of top grades, with detailed and highly granular tracking of progress. When enrolled on a course with private tuition, students also receive personalised marking and feedback for all assignments, together with tailored homework tasks and study resources.

Students know exactly where they are in their progress, and exactly what to do next

Course & lesson structures provide an easy-to-follow framework, giving clear direction to inform study and revision, guiding students ever forwards towards the highest attainment. Students who opt for courses with private tuition also have the benefit of personalised learning tasks, tailored feedback, and detailed marking for all assignments.

Comprehensive revision notes provided

Detailed revision notes/slides for each lesson, going beyond the level of depth & breadth you'll find in any textbook or revision guide; everything a top-tier candidate needs to excel.

Go beyond the spec

I make sure my students are at the top of their class when they enter the next phase of their education, whether at college or university. I ensure this by providing teaching and resources that go beyond their current specification.

Powerful note-taking & storage function

Make your own private revision notes on any lesson page (including scientific notation & symbols) and store them securely for later use or editing.

Effortlessly organise, store & retrieve revision notes

You can access all the unique learning resources in my online courses on any device; why not keep your own revision notes organised with them? Make your revision more organised and hassle-free.

Collaborate and learn with other students

Ask questions & engage in discussion with other students on each lesson's page, and use the powerful & secure social networking functions to collaborate on work.

Avoid online course "ghost towns"

Other online course providers often leave students feeling isolated with (at best) a dry "forum" for engaging with others. Engage in real collaboration and teamwork using a fully-featured and learning oriented social network embedded securely within this site!

Assessments designed by a real examiner

An abundance of assignments and assessments for each topic, designed by a highly experienced former examiner who has worked for all major UK exam boards. Get over 1000 exam questions when studying through my course over the 2 years of your GCSE or A-level, complete with marking, feedback, and full mark schemes! (courses with private tuition only).

Preparing you to excel

The tasks & assignments at the end of each topic are designed to reflect the format and demand of the most challenging types of real exam questions. They also familiarise students with how examiners mark real exams to improve exam technique.

Unique & exclusive downloadable resources

Exclusive resources, including exam-style question packs with mark schemes, statistics spreadsheets for analysing data from required practicals, and much more to aid your studies & revision (courses with private tuition only)

Resources to maximise performance at school and at home

Whether you're statistically analysing analysing data from assessed practical investigations, or you're revising for mock exams or even real exams, I provide a wealth of downloadable resources unmatched by any other provider.

24/7 access to a REAL teacher

Avoid dubious online 'tutors' who usually aren't fully qualified and accredited UK teachers! Make contact with your dedicated, fully qualified, professionally accredited and highly experienced teacher any time to ask for help or feedback (courses with private tuition only).

Because you deserve REAL teaching

Beware companies offering access to dubious "tutors"; these are almost NEVER actual UK classroom TEACHERS, and neither fully understand how students learn nor the requirements of real exam boards. At Invisible College you'll be working with a extensively qualified, highly experienced, professionally accredited UK classroom teacher with a proven record of facilitating academic excellence both in the physical classroom and online.

Personalised assignments, assessments & resources

Get your own private coaching area where I will regularly set personalised learning tasks and provide feedback tailored to your exact needs (courses with private tuition only).

Teaching & learning as individually unique as you are

If you enrol on any of my courses with private tuition, I'll tailor your learning journey to your specific learning needs and style, by providing you with regular tasks, assignments, assessments and feedback specifically designed to get you the best possible results.

Free access to exam revision webinars

Free access to live, yearly exam-prep webinars on an industry-leading and secure platform. In the lead-up to GCSE/A-level final exams, you'll get 10+ hours of exam-technique focussed teaching to support your revision, enabling you to enter your exams with complete confidence. (Courses with private tuition only)

Charge your mind with knowledge effectively just before exams

In the crucial period just before final exams, my exam-prep webinars will provide "crash-courses" which effectively review the key concepts in each topic, and teach you the critical exam techniques which will maximise your final marks.

Roadmap for Development

Click the button below to see the “roadmap” for when some of the features outlined above will be implemented!

Are my online courses a good fit for you?

You’re here because you want the very highest quality of online education available, which both exceeds your expectations AND delivers outstanding value for your hard-earned money.  As a serious student committed to exceptional achievement, or a parent/carer who won’t settle for second-best, naturally you have questions.  Here are some of the most common questions I’m asked by people just like you, and my answers to them…

Yes; all GCSE and A-level science courses in UK schools and colleges conform to the requirements of the National Curriculum for Science.  

This means that the content covered by the different awarding bodies (exam boards), such as AQA, Edexcel and OCR, is very similar across all specifications, with minor differences in content.

You’ll find lessons in my online course which cover absolutely everything you need to know, regardless of exam board or specification. 

Each lesson contains a clear checklist of learning objectives so you can match the lesson to the requirements of your exam board specification, together with an in-depth teaching video (which contains detailed teaching, worked examples and real-life applications which you’d need several lessons in a real classroom to cover).  Each lesson also contains detailed notes/slides you can use for revision.

I’m also developing new features & content which I’ll be adding to lessons in the near future!

My online courses not only cover all the subject content for all exam boards and specifications, they go significantly beyond these in terms of their depth and breadth. 

This empowers students not only to confidently achieve the highest grades when they complete the course they are currently on, but also prepares them with the knowledge and skills they’ll need to hit the ground running and be at the top of their class when they start their next course at college or university.

Let’s address the reasons for your disappointment and how I do things differently.

Having tried the online courses from my competitors, you’ll have noticed that their “distance learning” or online courses offer features which sound great on paper but leave you feeling short-changed once you’ve paid your fees and receive what they actually deliver.  For example: 

  • They offer no assurances about what grades their students will attain, other than a “pass” (which means anything at or above a grade 4 at GCSE or an E at A-Level!). Consequently, their teaching and resources cater to this “lowest common denominator”.  In contrast, EVERY aspect of my course design, content, and delivery is geared to stretch and challenge students aiming for grade 8 or 9 at GCSE or A/A* at A-level, and who also want to move to the next stage of their education at college or university with a competitive advantage in knowledge and skills over their peers.
  • They’ll offer “study packs” snail-mailed or emailed to you, or provide written study materials on a website – but these barely cover what you’d find in a good textbook or revision guide for a fraction of the price. The higher priced online courses might also offer short, “teaching” videos barely covering the requirements to secure the pass they so proudly guarantee, let alone to facilitate the depth of understanding students need to secure the highest grades.  My courses are different – you’ll get access to a huge library of the most in-depth teaching videos, revision resources and interactive content you’ll find anywhere, all of it uniquely designed to provide more than what any student needs to secure grades 9 at GCSE and A* A-level.
  • They’ll promise “24/7 access to a tutor”, by which they mean someone who’s allegedly qualified to teach you (but which you have no chance to find out about or evaluate before you’ve forked over your enrolment fee). These dubious “tutors” are rarely practicing classroom teachers with formal teacher training, qualifications and experience, and may not even be enhanced-CRB checked.  They are usually postgraduate university students or people from professions other than teaching who happen to have a degree in a relevant subject, and looking for an online “gig” to make some additional income.  Such “tutors” are not paid fixed wages, instead being paid £8-10 per assignment to mark your work – understandably perhaps, such “tutors” are rarely invested in having anything more than the most cursory interactions with their students.  Fully qualified and experienced classroom teachers are rarely (if ever) found acting as “tutors” for online course providers, for the simple reason that if they were any good, they’d be teaching in a school or college and earning a much higher salary with much better job security.  Here at Invisible College you’ll be taught by a highly qualified and experienced classroom teacher, who is solely responsible for ALL the learning content on your course as well as designing and building this entire website, and who is completely and personally invested in facilitating academic excellence for each student.
  • You’ll almost always find that the much-vaunted “24/7 interaction” with your “tutor” is restricted to time-consuming emails back and forth, or (if you’re luckier) via text chat on a web-page or Facebook group. If you’re luckier still (or have paid the most money in enrolment fees) you’ll have been offered “unlimited” access to a tutor by phone or video calls – but after enrolling you’ll discover that your contact is in fact SEVERELY limited to the rare (and short) “time slots” when your “tutor” is available for these calls.  In my courses with private coaching, you’ll have access to me via email, live chat on each lesson page, private messaging, through personal profiles on an internal social network, AND through online video conferencing in a live virtual classroom once a week during term time!
  • Other providers offer little or no truly personalised learning tasks, despite their carefully worded sales pages – generally, the “study pack”, assignments and tests you receive are the same ones every other student receives, and their idea of “personalisation” amounts to a vague and often deceptive offer of “personal guidance” from a “dedicated tutor”.  I don’t just pay lip-service to individual personalisation; it’s at the centre of everything I do in my online courses.  With private coaching, you’ll not only have access to an unmatched variety and quantity of learning resources, but also a private coaching area within which I’ll set assignments for each and every topic, uniquely tailored to your individual requirements.  
  • With other online course providers, what little “feedback” you were promised during your course turns out to be generic and with little/no personalised or specific guidance beyond the marking of your “assignments”, and you’re left floundering as to what you need to do to improve.  Such courses boast “assessments”, “mock-exams” and “exam-prep” which amounts to little more than a few packs of past exam paper questions which students complete to deadlines and are marked by their “tutors”.  The “feedback” usually comes in the form of ticks and crosses, and an occasional comment such as “Hey, if you didn’t do well on that last set of questions, here are some more – practice makes perfect, right?”  In my online courses with private coaching, you’ll receive not only marking for each personalised task and assessment, but specific and detailed advice as to exactly which aspects of your knowledge and skills require improvement, and subsequent tasks precisely tailored to help YOU improve in those areas.
  • Students love the idea of self-directed learning, but it takes drive, discipline and expert guidance to make it work in practice.  Any provider can promise that students can “work at their own pace” (I do too) but you’ll find that most of them don’t provide a clear and well thought out framework to help students manage their time, structure their study/revision habits and motivate themselves so that they actually do the work.  My online courses don’t just throw learning resources and tasks at students and leave them to their own devices – they’re built from the ground up to track and boost student engagement, and provide an evidence-based framework through which students can maximise the impact that their efforts have on their progress and achievement. 
  • Unlike other providers, who offer online courses for everything from accounting to zoology, I SPECIALISE in science teaching and learning – EVERY aspect of my course structure, content, teaching, assessment, evaluation and development is laser-focussed on physics, chemistry and biology for GCSE and A-level students.  What makes my courses even more unique is that they are SPECIFICALLY designed for students who won’t settle for just a passing grade but want to attain the highest grades AND be at the top of their class when starting the next stage of their education, defining themselves as outstanding candidates for the most competitive courses at the most prestigious colleges and universities.

In addition to all of the above, my online courses have features which no other learning platform currently offers! (see above)

This is a fair question.  

It’s prudent to be wary of new offerings in any market, especially one which is as “hot” as the education technology or “edtech” market.

The first part of the answer to your question has to do with a combination of complacency, stagnation, and profiteering.  Many of the “established” names in online learning jumped on the edtech bandwagon in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, when e-learning was in its infancy and there was considerable buzz about the future prospects for companies who got into the market first.  At the time, most “online learning” amounted to paying for access to an online textbook with very little in the way of audio-visual media and even less in the way of interactive content.

These companies built successful and profitable businesses on the technologies available to them at the time, milking the “buzz” and novelty of online learning for all it was worth.  However, as the years have passed such companies have been slow to adopt newer e-learning technologies or (more crucially) to adapt to the enormous changes which have taken place in the ways young people access, absorb, process and assimilate information. 

They became complacent and risk-averse; their shareholders were happy enough for them to use their brands and advertising budgets to continue to collect enrolment fees well into the next two decades, and less willing to risk investing in far more powerful emergent teaching methods and technologies – after all, the general public were largely unaware of the latest trends in edtech (and, unfortunately, they still are) so why risk it?

As a result, the “established” names in online learning in the UK have sat on the same educational approaches and technologies for the last 20-30 years because those were what they founded profitable businesses on; few if any have done the work, paid the costs or taken the risks to renovate their technology, content and educational approaches to take account of new technologies or changes in the ways students of today communicate, think, assimilate information and construct understanding.

Instead, they’ve focussed less on innovation than they have on marketing and broadening their reach in the name of maximising their profits.  This wasn’t done cynically, it’s just how large businesses work – the larger they get, the greater their institutional momentum and the less likely they are to change their strategies or adopt newer approaches in order to protect their bottom line.

The “established” providers also have attempted to maximise their profits by making their courses as broadly appealing to as wide a client base as possible.  To this end, if they offer any assurances at all, it’s that their students will “pass,” and that “anyone” can do their courses with no prior knowledge or experience.  As a result, their course structure, content and teaching aren’t suited to students who aim for the highest grades, and don’t provide true personalisation of the student’s learning journey.

If you’ve considered any of the larger and more established companies offering online courses, and examined their offerings with a critical eye, you’ll find that for the vast majority of them all of the above is true.

This brings us to the second part of the answer to your question; given all of the above, it’s inevitable that it’s the newcomers and underdogs rather than the establishment “giants” who bring true innovation.

The reason I created this website and my online courses was precisely because I saw just how powerful the latest e-learning technologies could be in teaching sciences to school and college students, but simply couldn’t find any examples of online providers which were using them.

Unlike with my competition, your teacher won’t simply be a faceless and disinterested employee of a company you’ve entrusted your education and hard-earned money to; your teacher will be the person who built this company as well as this website and everything you see, hear and interact with on it.  As your teacher, these online courses have been a labour of love; an obsession which has occupied my every waking moment for over five years.

I’ve devoted more than twelve thousand hours of painstaking work into building an online learning platform from the ground up to offer content and features which the competition can’t (or won’t) match.  I’ve developed a unique model of online science learning using data from hundreds of real students, and used that data together with cutting edge technology and analytical methods to identify the optimal educational approaches and create powerful and comprehensive online resources for truly effective, personalised online science learning.

I’m not done yet, either; I’m developing new features and content to be released in the near future and am committed to continuing to do so indefinitely as e-learning technologies evolve.

I’m completely confident in the fact that none of my competitors, “established” or otherwise, can offer the depth, breadth or quality of content and features which my online courses offer, and unlike any of their “tutors” I’m proud to put my name and face to everything I do, so you know exactly who you’re working with.

This is certainly true, but you should also be aware that not all online courses are created equal, and it’s a truism in any industry that very often you’ll get what you pay for.  

Having said that, there are many online providers which charge far more for their online courses, and only offer a fraction of the content, features, and personalised support my courses provide.

In fact, I cordially challenge you to find a SINGLE online course provider who can match my online courses in terms of the amount and quality of learning resources, personalisation, depth and breadth of teaching, interactivity and features at the same price; if you find such a provider, I’ll reduce the enrolment fee by 50%!


I’m completely confident that my courses represent the absolute pinnacle of content and value for GCSE and A-level online science learning; if after 14 days of trying any of my courses you decide for ANY reason it’s not for you, I’ll refund 100% of your enrolment fee with no questions asked.

 Yes; you can study through each topic at your own pace and use the resources to support your learning of any topic within the course in any order you want. 

There’s a clear structure to each topic in the course, since scientific ideas and principles build on each other – this means that you’ll need to successfully complete the learning tasks in a lesson before you can proceed to the next lesson within the same topic. 

If you’ve enrolled on an online course with private coaching, you’ll also be set regular tasks by me in your private coaching area, and these tasks will be personalised to your exact requirements (based on the specific areas you need to improve on); you’ll need to successfully complete each of these personalised tasks before you’ll be set the next one, but there are no deadlines for the completion of these tasks.

Absolutely.  My courses don’t just cover the subject content in more depth than you’ll find anywhere else, but also provide specific lessons focussing on exam technique, reviewing innumerable examples of exam questions and highlighting the key skills, providing effective strategies and clearly laying out the “do’s and don’ts” for revision and exam technique. 

My courses with private coaching allow you to receive any guidance you need to optimise your study/revision schedule and habits to maximise your progress and results, all tailored to your exact individual situation and needs. 

I’ll also set unique, personalised assignments and activities in your private coaching area as part of each topic, many of which will focus on revision and exam technique.

Yes; my courses with private coaching allow private candidates to request and receive advice for registering for exams and help with finding an exam-board approved school or college where you can sit your exams.  Please note that if a private candidate requires me to make arrangements for examinations on their behalf this can also be arranged for a modest fee (if you also require this, please contact me by email).

Students enrolled on my courses with private coaching can receive help with any aspect of their academic life, including their UCAS application personal statement. 

I’ve had years of experience helping many dozens of students to craft effective UCAS personal statements, particularly those wishing to apply to universities to study science-related careers (such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, engineering, pharmacology, and many others).

I’ve got many exciting, powerful and unique new features in development which will be added as upgrades to my existing online courses. 

With each successive upgrade in features added to each course, enrolment fees will increase to reflect the additional value added to the courses. 

However whenever you choose to enrol on my courses, you’ll “lock in” your enrolment fee for the lifetime of your subscription (and any subsequent renewals of your subscription), receiving all future upgrades, features and content at no extra cost despite any future increases in the enrolment fee for new students!

In a brick-and-mortar school or college, a 2-year GCSE course generally involves at least 120 hours of classroom teaching, while a 2-year A-level course involves at least 360 hours.  That’s the general guideline which most schools and colleges use to plan their teaching across the 2 years it takes to teach the content of these courses to their students.

My online courses can be worked through at your own pace – some students work through them alongside their school or college teaching all the way through their 2-year course, while others study through them in a few months to help them “cram” for final exams. 

It’s entirely up to you how and at what speed you choose to work through my online courses to support your progress.

To give you more of an idea of how long it might take you to fully make use of ALL the learning resources and teaching you’ll find in my courses, here’s some more information:

  • Each of my GCSE courses contain around 60-70 lessons, and the A-Level courses contain around 120-130 lessons.
  • Each lesson has a detailed and in-depth teaching video. Some videos are shorter, some longer, but the average length of my teaching videos across all of my courses is 45 minutes.  You can choose to increase the playback speed if you wish (up to 2x without changing the pitch of my voice on the video) if you want to work through them faster.  You should be taking notes as you go through the video, and at various points in the video it will automatically pause and a question will pop up on your screen to test your understanding and recall of the ideas you’ve just learned about.
  • Each lesson also contains a number of other interactive learning activities which you can work through, and if you have enrolled on my courses with private coaching, you’ll also have personalised learning tasks and assignments which will be set for you by me in your own private coaching area.
  • Each lesson will have an end-of lesson quiz which you can use to test your understanding, complete with detailed explanations of the answers to each question which will be displayed after you’ve completed the quiz. You can repeat these quizzes as many times as you need to even after you pass them to help with revision.  Each time you attempt a quiz, the questions may be different (depending on your performance in previous attempts and the specific areas you need to work on).
  • Each topic in your online course will have an end-of topic assignment and test for you to complete and pass successfully.

Some of our students complete our courses within a couple of months of intense daily work (such as the students who use them to “cram” their revision in the period leading up to exams), while others complete them alongside their school/college course over a 2-year period.

Because you’re able to work through my online courses at your own pace, ultimately, it’s up to you – how long they will take to complete will depend on your personal schedule, your personal goals, and your level of effort and commitment.

I’ve had many students in similar circumstances, and what they find is that it’s far more effective to use the learning content on my courses as study & revision aids than to use their traditional textbooks or revision guides.  

My students typically use my learning resources at home (or even in the library at school) to help them complete homework and coursework, to revise for end-of-topic tests and mock exams at school, and even to get ahead of the class and learn about the next topic they’re moving onto in their lessons at school.

Before trying my courses, many students spent dozens of hours searching online, reading through pages on various websites, searching around on YouTube and watching dozens of videos to cover a single topic when revising for end-of-topic tests or mock exams in school.  After enrolling on my courses, they found that my interactive teaching videos were much more comprehensive while saving them much more time, and more convenient too because they can all be found in one place along with clear learning objectives and with many other learning activities designed to help them achieve those objectives.

The most able and driven students at GCSE and A-level often spend 4 hours or more studying independently at home each day to do their homework and revision for all their subjects.  My experience with such students shows that by supporting their studies using the learning resources they find within my courses they are making much more effective use of that time.

So, you don’t necessarily need to make more time to work through my courses if you’re already at school or college; you can simply use the learning resources and learning activities in them as part of your current home work and revision schedule.  My courses cover everything you need (and then some), and can completely replace traditional learning and study aids such as textbooks and revisions guides.  Also, if you’ve enrolled on my courses with private coaching, you’ll have constant access to me wherever you are to answer your questions and help with your school work too!

The UK awarding bodies (exam boards) will assume that a GCSE student starting year 10 has retained the key concepts, processes and principles they were taught in key stage 3.  Similarly, they will assume that an A-level student has retained what they were taught in their GCSE’s. 

You’ll have noticed that many companies who offer online courses for GCSE or even A-level sciences state that “anyone” can enrol on their courses, regardless of how much previous education they’ve had.  This is because these companies only deliver enough teaching and learning resources to assure a passing grade (minimum of grade 4 at GCSE or grade E at A-level).

However, my courses are specifically designed for students aiming at the top grades, so I recommend that students wishing to enrol on my courses (especially the self-study courses) have at least had key stage 3 teaching in sciences if they want to enrol on a GCSE course, or at least GCSE teaching if they wish to enrol on an A-level course. 

I would also recommend that prospective students who wish to enrol on my GCSE courses have a “target” grade (given to them through assessment by their current school) of at least a 6, while those who wish to enrol on my A-level courses have a “target” grade of at least a C. While these are not a requirement, I recommend these because my experience with previous students is that, if sufficiently self-motivated, students with these minimum current target grades are highly likely to be able to achieve a level 9 at GCSE or an A* at A-level by working through my courses with private coaching.

Of course, students who enrol on my courses with private coaching will have the ability to fill gaps in their knowledge from previous years of teaching with my help and support if that’s what they require.

All you’ll need to access my courses is a web browser (e.g., Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc.) and an internet connection.  You can access them using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. 

If students enrolled on my courses with private coaching want to participate in the weekly live online lessons in my virtual classroom, they might wish to use a microphone and webcam so they can be seen and heard by me and by other students.  However, these are not essential because they can instead use the live chat in the virtual classroom to interact, ask and answer questions, etc.

Students wishing to participate in live online lessons and revision webinars will need to install a free app to give them secure and easy access to my virtual classrooms, but this is extremely easy to install and set up on any device.

My online courses with private coaching offer communication between my students and I (and allow students to interact with each other) in more ways and more effectively than those you’ll find from any other provider: 

  • Each lesson within a course contains its own live chat, which students can use to comment or ask questions about any aspect of that lesson, and within which I can answer questions or reply to comments. This also allows students to discuss different aspects of the ideas and principles presented in the lesson with each other, help each other solve problems and complete assignments, or just have useful discussions in general where I can also get involved as required by my students.
  • Each lesson also has a section where students can make their own privately stored notes about the lesson and send me private messages with questions about the lesson’s content which they’d prefer me to answer by private message. In both cases, their notes and private messages (and my private message responses) are stored securely on the website, so they can easily find them and re-read them at any time to support their work and revision.
  • Students can email me with their questions and receive a response via email.
  • Students can interact with me in the virtual classroom once a week through an industry-leading online video conferencing platform allowing students to see and hear each other as well as their teacher, ask questions and learn together.
  • Students can interact with each other and with me by sending messages via their profile pages within the site, which function like a learning-oriented, fully featured and secure social network embedded within the site for members only.
  • Students will interact with me via their private coaching area within the online course, where they’ll receive personalised tasks for each topic they study, and can submit those tasks, ask questions, receive answers and get detailed feedback.

With private coaching, we’ll have as much contact time through these various methods as you need – ask as many questions, send as many messages, and attend as many live lessons as you desire, I’ll always respond and be there to guide you and provide feedback.

You can use all major credit or debit cards.  You can also choose to pay via direct bank transfer. 

The payment system on this website is a secure, industry standard payment gateway, and you can rest assured that your data is safe; none of your personal or financial data from transactions is stored on this website, and all traffic is secured by SSL encryption.

9 myths about online learning you need to be aware of

In the post-COVID educational landscape in the UK, schools and teachers who have little or no experience with remote learning are having to leverage technologies with which they are unfamiliar, and which are not fit for purpose anyway.

For instance, schools are scurrying to adopt the use of Microsoft Teams, Zoom and other online video conferencing solutions to teach students, but with no experience of how to adapt pedagogical methods to an online teaching environment, how to create effective interactive content, how to manage students’ online learning behaviours, how to personalise the online learning experience to individual students’ needs or how to track their performance in any meaningful way.

With this hastily conceived and sub-optimal approach, together with mass student/staff nonattendance, disruption to students’ progress is inevitable, and is often wrongly attributed to the “failure of e-learning”.

The problem with blaming this failure of the education system on “e-learning” is that schools are not actually offering truly effective e-learning, they’ve just hurriedly replaced physical presence in the classroom with online video conferencing, and (not surprisingly to those of us with actual knowledge and experience of real e-learning) it isn’t working.

All of this has unfortunately led to to a number of commonly-held myths about online learning;

Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back

I’m completely confident that my online courses offer peerless value for money, provide an unmatched amount and quality of content, and deliver a breadth, depth and rigor of teaching and unique features which you won’t find anywhere else at any price.

However, if for any reason you decide within 14 days you wish to cancel your enrolment, I’ll refund 100% of your enrolment fee with no strings attached and no questions asked.

You can enrol with complete peace of mind – it’s really that simple.